Mothers’ Union Programme 2017


The Mothers’ Union exists to adavnce the Christian religion in the sphere of marriage and family life. For further information contact Christiane Cosgrove (Enrolling Member) on 028 9048 7586.

Jan 9th – As a Minister of the Gospel with Rev Tim Anderson

Feb 13th – ‘In Fellowship’

Mar 13th – As a Bible-Centred Youth Worker with Johnny Beare

May 8th – Working for TEARfund & AGM with Michael Johnston

June 9th – 11th – Church Weekend celebrating 100 years

Sept 11th – Opening Meeting of Holy Communion & Business

Oct 9th – Working with the Mothers’ Union & Lit. Box with Joy Silcock

Nov 13th – ‘In the Community’ Book Art with Emma McManus



Mar 3rd – World Day of Prayer (8pm)

Mar 26th – Mothering Sunday

Mar 27th – Festival Service in Dromore Cathedral (8pm)

May 18th – Indoor Members Tea Party in St Donards (2.30pm)

June 9-11th – Centenary Celebration Weekend

Sept 24th – MU Enrolment Service (10.30am)

Dec 4th – Young Families Advent Service

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