Meet Our Team



Tim Anderson

Tim is married to Lynn and they’ve been at St. Elizabeth’s since 2001. Although born and bred in North Down, since 1986 Tim has worked in churches in London, Manchester and Wolverhampton. Tim became a Christian in 1976 and since then it’s been his growing conviction that lives and churches are transformed and changed through the ministry of God’s Word in the Bible. Tim sees this as the heart of his ministry at St. Elizabeth’s.


Curate Assistant

Thomas Murray

Thomas is married to Jodie and they have a son called Theo(dore). Thomas joined the staff team in February 2020. Before coming here Thomas was finishing off his Theological Studies/Training at Moore Theological College and was ministering at St George North Anglican Church in Sydney, Australia. Thomas became a Christian in the year 2000 and has since then sought to make it his chief aim to Glorify God by proclaiming Jesus, making disciples and serving him above else, first, and then encourage others to do the same.  


Associate Minister

Johnny Beare

Johnny is married to Susanna and has a daughter, called Lois, and a son, called Joel. Johnny started as full-time Youth Leader in St Elizabeth’s in September 2009. In August 2018 Johnny was appointed as the Associate Minister. Johnny became a Christian as a teenager (in 1995), after his youth leaders took the time to explain the Bible to him. Johnny became convinced that the Bible was more than just a book, and was in actual fact the very words of God, calling him to ‘repent and believe the good news of Jesus'.


Parish Administrator

Ruth Murray

Ruth is married to Keith, she has two sons, Thomas and Paul. Ruth enjoys walking her dog, Ruby, a good workout in the gym as well as a coffee and a wee chat with friends.