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What We Do

Declare & Demonstrate

One Of The Ways To Find Out What A Church Believes Is To Look At What It Does. St. Elizabeth’s Is Far From A Perfect Church. We Have Much To Learn And Do In The Years To Come. However, There Are Some Things That We Are Committed To That Flow Out Of What We Believe About God And His Son Jesus Christ.

So first, we teach the Bible. We do this, not because we’re narrow or antiquated, but because we know that as the Bible is carefully and faithfully preached we hear the voice of God. We also believe that it is through this preaching that God by His Holy Spirit, changes lives and reforms His church.
Then second, we want to grow in our love for Jesus. Vaughan Roberts writes in one of his books: the language of devotion was common in previous Christian generations…(but) very few of us speak like that these days. It’s a constant challenge to love Jesus first before everything else that the world puts before us – but because he first loved us, we seek to love him in return.
Third, we seek to build community. Isolation and loneliness are rife in our society and as a gathering of the people of God we offer friendship and support to each other as we serve God together in our homes, our workplaces and our neighbourhood.
Connected to this, and fourthly, we are a church that works at sharing the Gospel with our unconverted friends. We try to equip each other with a knowledge of the Gospel and with skills to communicate this Gospel clearly. We find this can be demanding and at times disappointing as we see some walk away from Christ. But the joy of seeing others coming to faith in Jesus far outweighs the cost.
Finally, we are a church that is trying to understand more about how to change the place we live in. We want to take seriously Christ’s command to love God and to love our neighbour. We are a church open to the possibilities of serving the people of Dundonald in practical ways which we hope will demonstrate the compassion of God.
To find out more about how we do these things take a look at our website. And do talk to us!

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